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As, India is growing economy with large customer base is luring the big MNC’s and organization. In order to capture the market and build big market share these organizations need to make their presence in every nook and corner of the country. To attain this goal they need to have robust distribution system which can be achieved if supply chain management of the organization is efficient and effective. So the supply chain management is very crucial and important industry.
Traditional supply chain management role was from the manufacture to the wholesaler, distributor or retail. But modern day the role has extended from retail to the customer. Like food supply application example Swiggy is reaching at its customers place and as per his convenience and the quantity and quality of the food. This is advantageous for the customer as without putting efforts of moving out they can enjoy the restaurant quality food as per the comfort.
The Study Hall College is has a tie up with Sisters in Solidarity, an organisation which works in the field of hospitality management and has a structure for Supply Chain Management. Sisters in Solidarity also has a tie up Weikfield a well known brand in the industry.