Mobile App Development

mobile app is the fastest growing field.

Mobile application development is the set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for small, wireless mobile computing/communication devices. Most common platform are iOS, android and windows.
Mobile Application Developers create software for mobile devices. A mobile app developer chooses the operating system and they will develop for, such as Google's Android or Apple's iOS, then learns the programming languages and software development environment for that platform. In The Study hall College students gets the chance to learn these apps along with their course syllabus.
This adds a big sign of scope of mobile apps in future. In the current job market of mobile application development, the need for inventive App developers is huge and still increasing. Android Programming language is very easy to learn and app development is cost effective this put Android into extraordinary use. The Study hall College gives you a chance to explore yourself with this course.
According to, the average salary for an application developer is $64,329 with a reported salary range of $43,530 to $100,303 per year. You can also choose to be an entrepreneur and run your own company and decide and create your own salary.