Dr Sudhish Chandra, Our Principal

I strongly believe that Education is a shared pledge that the dedicated teachers, the actuated students and zealous parents, jointly vouch for. I also believe that today the role of a College is not only to strive for academic excellence but also to facilitate and endow its students to become avid perennial learners, creative and critical thinkers, and most importantly generative and prolific members of a dynamic global society. I trust that every student is a unique reservoir of potential ideas and skills and would need to be afforded a timely opportunity to bring his/her latent capabilities to the fore. We therefore strive for academic excellence with a holistic approach to education. Guided and assisted by an erudite committed faculty, ably supported by a sincere administrative staff and above all backed by the internationally acclaimed work philosophy of our parent organisation, the Study Hall Educational Foundation under the adept and proficient guidance of our visionary leader Dr. Urvashi Sahni, we stand committed to keep pace with the changing world to continually innovate ways and means to shape and promote the innate potential of our students for them to become responsible global citizens.
I am deeply committed to academic excellence, pedagogical sophistication, and undiluted pledge to impart quality education to the aspiring students. I am also fully aware that playing sport helps much more than in the physical aspects. It builds character, teaches thinking – analytical and strategic, leadership skills, goal setting and helps immensely in the development of human personality. We have adequate facilities both for indoor and outdoor games and have sprawling fields for the purpose.
In our mission to contribute to national development, I foresee our College standing tall as a center of excellence that is able to produce confident leaders, independent thinkers, creative entrepreneurs and dynamic sportsmen in a very near future.
Wish you all Godspeed…

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