Mr. Utpal Mishra, Managing Director

Higher education has not been in a very happy state in our country. Going to college is hardly about learning at all – it is all about somehow getting a paper certificate , because the jobs require certificates. College going students have yet to realise that they are now adults, that they have a responsibility towards the society and that they possess the ability to be the change makers and decision makers for its betterment . To them college is just about taking exams. As the Study Hall Educational Foundation moves forward, moving into higher education was the logical next step, to change the face of higher education and have a better social structure. Our College wants to take our Foundation’s mission one step further and work to bring about a change in the attitude of students towards higher education. I see huge possibilities for such a change here too.
“The vision of The Study Hall College is to be a caring institution of academic excellence, one that develops social and emotional intelligence too, so that students develop a social and political imagination, understand their world and society, are able to be critical thinkers and competent participants in a democratic society. We want them to be responsible, caring adults and dynamic change makers in their own lives and in society at large.”
The college is an inclusive place, with students from diverse caste and class backgrounds. Students engage in critical dialogues on caste, gender, religion and politics regularly, facilitated by their teachers. Because there are students from different parts of society together in one class, it provides a fertile ground for critical thinking and learning to respect one another. In an effort to prepare them better for careers – they get extra instructions in English language and also computers, along with help in making life and career plans. The students claim they have never experienced anything like this before. Our Prerna and SH alumni find this a welcome extension of the pedagogy and learning environment experienced by them in school, but students who come from other schools find it a very welcome change.
The students have begun to develop a voice and started learning to express their opinions freely. They engage enthusiastically with their studies and seem to be full of curiosity. The change is clearly visible and quite remarkable.
We see huge potential in our college and are all working hard at its growth – working with challenges of limited funds, red tape in managing things, making ourselves known and persuading people to believe in our ideology. As they say that hard work always pays, we are sanguine that our dream for building a right climate for College education would soon take shape and transform itself into a reality.
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