Dr. Rakesh Chandra, Professor, Philosophy Dept. of the Lucknow University, took the students of our College on a ‘voyage’ through the calm and rational world of reason and equanimity through persuasive interactions with them. While addressing the students, Dr. Chandra in his own inimitable style, through the process of rational investigation touching upon the subjects of ‘freedom’ of expression, feelings, creativity, rationale of caste, religion and a plethora of topics relevant to their daily life, dilated upon the questions about ‘existence’, ‘knowledge’ and ‘ethics’. It was a vibrant session which made the students to brainstorm and think intensely about the realities of life.
The CEO and Chairperson of The Study Hall Educational Foundation, Dr. Urvashi Sahni, thanked the guest and called upon the students to think and understand about the concepts of equality, fraternity and gender justice. Our Principal proposed a formal vote of thanks.