Expanding the universe of care of Study Hall Educational Foundation still further, Study Hall Educational Foundation extended its arms upwards into higher education. We started "The Study Hall College", a high quality undergraduate degree college, affiliated to Lucknow University (college code 1173) in the academic session 2016-2017. The construction of the building is complete, supported and funded generously by the late Shri Satpal Malhotra, beloved father of Dr.Urvashi Sahni and past Chairman of the Malhotra Weikfield Foundation. We hope to extend the same spirit of caring and dedication to high standards of academic excellence, creativity and innovation. Like the rest of our foundation, the Studyhall College is an inclusive place for students of all abilities, from all socio-economic backgrounds, from rural and urban regions, fostering collaboration, creativity, entrepreneurship and innovation.

A college with a creative and entrepreneurial climate, where academics prepare students not just for future careers, but also for social responsibility and democracy. Here emphasis will be on critical thinking with a social and political perspective, experiential learning and developing a problem solving and a solution oriented approach. The syllabus is integrated curriculum focused on thematic units and is designed to meet each individual's personal goals. Industry oriented courses like Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication ( BAJMC/BJMC), Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor in Computer Application(BCA) have been chosen for the students keeping creativity and placement in mind. An extensive bandwidth of subjects for the Bachelor of Arts program like education, psychology, economics and sociology are also envisaged. The college has state of the art infrastructural facilities with 40+ learning centers ( each of 1000 sq ft area), off-line & on-line library facility, very advanced technology facilities, an auditorium with more than 1500 seating capacity, cafeteria and a playground with basketball, volleyball, badminton, lawn tennis and cricket (net practice).

Semester based assessment process, research environment and off-line/on-line lectures from visiting professors of top universities like Berkeley, Ontario Institute of School Education, Cornell University, and ensures quality not only in the teaching learning process but also in the holistic development of the students.

Study Hall Educational Foundation with its 30+ years of experience and learnings in innovative methods of teaching and learning, hopes to graduate a future generation of young men and women from the Study Hall College, all of who we are confident will be caring, responsible, citizens who will develop creative and imaginative solutions to the problems that beset India and the world and will work towards a better world.

Dr. Urvashi Sahni
The Studyhall College
Founding President & Chief Executive
Study Hall Educational Foundation

Utpal Mishra
Managing Director
The Studyhall College